lomax spiral freezer waffles

The complete 

Lomax prides itself on being able to offer the resource and skills to provide a one-stop service covering design concepts, site surveys, troubleshooting on new and old systems, machine refurbishments and delivering solutions to suit customer needs, on time and on budget.

Spares and Maintenance

Maintain your 

Lomax Maintenance Packages have the dual function of spotting potential trouble spots and teaching trouble shooting skills to your site engineers. We offer a range of services with the aim of keeping production downtime to a minimum on your Lomax system.

Our spares service is individually tailored for your needs. Parts can be identified by yourself from our comprehensive machine manuals or use our recommended spare parts list, designed for ease of ordering and with recommended minimum stock levels to maintain your equipment.

Machine upgrades and refurbishment

Enhance your 

One of Lomax’s experienced technical engineers can visit your site to evaluate your system and provide advice on possible upgrades or modifications.

We advise on modifications that are feasible, whether it is an increase in cooling or production holding capacity, a modification for an alternative product range or an upgrade of existing machinery. We are able to offer a complete service from initial evaluation through to final commissioning of the project.

Project Management

From Start 
To Finish 

The Lomax Project Team includes Project Managers, Designers and Site Engineers all dedicated to helping ensure every project from order receipt to commissioning runs smoothly and on-plan.  After-sales support continues through the life-time of a Lomax system from the same team to ensure consistency and familiarity with your application and specific installation.

Lomax utilises design, planning software and techniques to ensure all projects, whether for new systems or remedial works, are managed in the most efficient and cost effective manner, ensuring that customer project timelines are met and achieved on budget.

Bespoke Systems

No two customers 
Are alike 

Not everyone wants or needs a standard system and even though the proven principles of operation are the same, customers can often benefit from system designs made especially for them and their application. Lomax has skilled Engineers able to assess the situation and in partnership with the customer design a system to ensure space and budgets are optimised, resulting in a unique but fit for purpose solution.

Surveys and Troubleshooting

Trust the Experts
To fix it 

With Lomax’s extensive experience of Freezing and Cooling Systems, we are able to offer one of the most comprehensive on-site surveys and provide detailed technical reports giving full analysis on the condition of your machine, any problem areas and recommendations for remedial works.

Lomax Engineers have many years of experience across the food industry, on a wide range of handling equipment and on competitor’s freezing and chilling systems, that allows us to not only advise on Lomax machines but confidently analyse situations and provide solutions to a wider range of issues customers might face.

System Integration

Connected and 
Be smart 

All Lomax systems can be designed to be stand-alone or be connected to existing customer systems, at the time of install or at a later date as new technology is embraced by customers. From simple upstream and downstream communications to full SCADA integration, Lomax Systems can become part of your total process to ensure that production line operation is optimised and problem areas highlighted and rectified.

Supervisor and Installation Team

Benefit from
Our experts

Using an experienced site supervisor for installation and commissioning is essential to ensure any project is built to the highest quality, on time and on budget. Lomax can provide a team of Engineers able to install a system fully or a Supervisor able to oversee a customer’s local crew in the installation of a system. A Lomax Supervisor will always be on hand throughout installation and commissioning to ensure the system performs to agreed conditions and customer expectations are surpassed every time.