Single Drum Spiral Freezers & Spiral Chillers

Single Drum Spiral Freezers | Spiral Chillers | Spiral Proofers & Spiral Conveyors For Products In The Range Of 500-8,000 kg/hr

Lomax designs bespoke Spiral Systems for freezing, chilling, proofing or conveying food products through a wide range of capacities.  Single Drum Site-Built Spiral Systems typically handle between 500 – 8,000 kg/hr of product with a short to medium dwell time through utilising various belt widths and multiple belt levels.  The Lomax Technical Sales and Project Team works closely with its clients in the selection of the system to suit exact product and site space requirements and will advise if a smaller Compact Spiral or a larger Twin Drum Spiral System is more appropriate for the application or budget available.  Please contact us to discuss your exact application.

Applications for Lomax Single Drum Spirals include packed and unpacked products such as;

  • Bakery both sweet and savoury including bread, pies, raw and cooked
  • Dairy products such as Ice Cream, Yoghurts, creams and liquid in containers
  • Meat and processed variants like burgers, sausages, meat balls, meat cuts
  • Seafood including whole fish, fish fillets, shellfish
  • Poultry such as whole birds and raw portions both naked and packed
  • Value added convenience foods such as chicken nuggets, breaded and battered fish
  • Ready Meals in trays, packs and pouches
  • Soups and sauces in pots and pouches
  • Desserts from cakes to prepared and packaged desserts in pots
  • Fruit & Vegetables such as packed portions and unpacked whole items

Lomax Site-Built Single Drum Spirals offer the following benefits;

  • Bespoke design and project management to suit client requirements and budget
  • On-site build to allow fast delivery and installation in confined spaces
  • Over 20 years of spiral design experience handling multiple food products
  • Various infeed/exit level formats e.g. low/high, high/low, low/low and high/high
  • Belt drive systems include conventional drum drive, positive drum drive, direct belt edge drive and will be selected according to application and customer preference
  • Stainless steel structure hygienically designed to ensure quick cleaning and max uptime
  • Branded main components ensuring highest quality and reliable backup and spares
  • Various levels of ongoing service support offered post normal warrant


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