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Market Leading Spiral Freezers, Spiral Chillers, IQF Freezers, Impingement Freezers & Inline Multi-Belt Freezing Tunnels


Lomax are an independent UK owned design and manufacturing company, focused on Industrial Freezing and Chilling Systems that include; spiral freezers, spiral chillers, ambient cooling systems, in-line tunnels and IQF freezing tunnels from 200 kg/hr to 20,000 kg/hr. Our products and services are complemented by a wide range of conveyor handling, electrical control systems and other associated services.

Our Range Includes Industrial Freezing and Chilling Solutions as well as Services, encompassing:

  • Spiral Freezing, Spiral Chilling, Spiral Coolers and Ambient Spiral Systems
  • Specialists in Ambient Spiral Coolers and Spiral Proofers for bakery applications
  • Experts in large Twin-Drum Spiral Freezing Systems for Ice Cream Freezing and Hardening
  • IQF Freezers – Fluidised Bed Individual Quick Freezing Tunnels
  • In-line Multi Belt, Multi-Pass Freezing Tunnels and Impingement Freezing Tunnels
  • Crust Freezing and Crust Hardening Tunnels for meat preparation before slicing
  • Inline Contact Plate Freezers for crust freezing delicate foods and liquids
  • Bespoke Cooling Tunnels for confectionery, snack lines, cosmetics and pharmaceutical cooling applications
  • Automation control systems: SCADA and MCC
  • Control Panels: PLC or Relay Logic
  • Conveyor handling systems: Slat Chain, Modular Belt, Roller Automatic
  • Wax slab moulder systems
  • Mechanical & Electrical engineering design: AutoCAD and SolidWorks 3D
  • Project Management & System Integration
  • Spares, servicing and troubleshooting for all types of freezing and chilling system