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Market Leading Spiral Freezers, Spiral Chillers, IQF Freezers, Impingement Freezers & Inline Multi-Belt Freezing Tunnels


Lomax are an independent UK owned design and manufacturing company, focused on spiral freezers, spiral chillers and ambient cooling systems along with IQF freezing tunnels from 200 kg/hr to 20,000 kg/hr. Our products and services are complemented by a wide range of conveyor handling, electrical control systems and other associated services.

Our Range Includes:

  • Spiral Freezing, Spiral Chilling, Spiral Coolers and Ambient Spiral Systems
  • Specialists in Ambient Spiral Coolers and Spiral Proofers for bakery applications
  • Experts in large Twin-Drum Spiral Freezing Systems for Ice Cream Freezing and Hardening
  • IQF Freezers – Fluidised Bed Individual Quick Freezing Tunnels
  • Inline Multi Belt, Multi-Pass Freezing Tunnels and Impingement Freezing Tunnels
  • Crust Freezing and Crust Hardening Tunnels for meat preparation before slicing
  • Inline Contact Plate Freezers for crust freezing delicate foods and liquids
  • Bespoke Cooling Tunnels for confectionery, snack lines, cosmetics and pharmaceutical cooling applications
  • Automation control systems: SCADA and MCC
  • Control Panels: PLC or Relay Logic
  • Conveyor handling systems: Slat Chain, Modular Belt, Roller Automatic
  • Wax slab moulder systems
  • Mechanical & Electrical engineering design: AutoCAD and SolidWorks 3D
  • Project Management & System Integration
  • Spares, servicing and troubleshooting for all types of freezing and chilling system