lomax spiral pizza freezer

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Lomax has supported the global food industry since 1997, designing and building bespoke industrial freezing, chilling and cooling systems and partnering both large blue-chip organisations and small privately-owned companies on projects ranging from a few thousand to millions of pounds of investment. 

We have the expertise and experience to support projects across many sectors. 

Below we list a few of those sectors where Lomax has operated in recent years;


Lomax offers freezing, chilling and cooling systems to suit the widest range of food items, including meat, poultry, seafood, bakery, fruit, vegetables, desserts, convenience foods and many more.

Systems can be from our range of Spirals, In-Line Tunnels, IQF Fluidised Bed Tunnels or a bespoke design made specifically for your application. 

IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) of a variety of food items requires dedication to high-quality designs and robust systems only possible from an experienced provider such as Lomax.

Ice Cream and Dairy

If you’re looking for high capacity hygienic systems suited to ice cream and dairy products then Lomax can offer the largest spirals and conveying systems to match customer's exacting requirements.

Lomax build some of the largest ice cream and dairy product spirals in the world for some of the largest organisations, but can also offer more compact systems for lower capacities. 

Ice cream hardening spirals need to be robust and engineered to withstand harsh environments often operating for in excess of 7 days x 24 hours to deliver maximum return on investment to customers. 

Some of the largest global brands freeze and harden ice cream on Lomax Spirals.




Confectionery and Snacks

Spiral and Tunnel Systems can be used to rapidly cool and convey under hygienic conditions a range of confectionery and snack products.

Gentle handling but robust and reliable stainless steel designs ensure optimal hygiene and years of low-maintenance operation.

From cooling sweets, extruded snacks and the fluidised cooling of crisp chips, Lomax can offer a system designed around your technical and budgetary requirements.


Freezing and rapid cooling systems are essential to ensure the stability of products straight after production.

Lomax offers a range of Spiral and Tunnel systems to freeze, chill, cool or ambient convey your delicate products to point of packing, whether, in solid form or liquid form in bottles and vials, Lomax can offer a range of standard or bespoke designed systems.


Lomax has a range of systems to suit all packed and non-packed products needing to be forced cooled or frozen in a controlled environment.

The Lomax Wax Slab Moulder is a serpentine system suited to food-grade paraffin wax cooling within a tunnel having a relatively small footprint and low energy consumption.

Hydro Cooling

If you’re looking for a fast and efficient water cooling system for pouches of sauce, sachets, wrapped or containerised products, then the Lomax Hydro Cooler provides this in a spiral cascade design, ensuring a hygienic environment and minimum water consumption.

Systems can be designed for recirculating chilled water or single-use water supply.