Lomax multi belt inline tunnel 1

UK Based and

Since 1997 Lomax has supplied innovative products and services to the global food processing industry whilst retaining its independence, allowing open and flexible partnerships across all continents with customers, agents, OEMs and refrigeration system suppliers.

Whether a standard or bespoke system is required, Lomax can offer the widest range of IQF Spiral and Tunnel Systems as well as a range of Wax Moulders and Product Handling Systems.



Our Headquarters is based in Snetterton, Norfolk, UK, approximately 70 minutes from London Stansted Airport, and is home to our modern 3D design and engineering office.

We have further engineering and manufacturing partners around the UK, enabling Lomax to service numerous industries throughout the World. Our qualified engineer’s expertise and competencies span a wide range of industry sectors including Food, Beverage, Dairy, Confectionery, Pharmaceuticals and Household goods.


a reputation

Through growth we have always held on to our core brand values. We give central importance to our customers, whether it be individual design specifications or certain requirements to adhere to, every project is completed with the customer in mind.

We have managed to build a reputation as industry experts who always provide a professional and friendly service. No matter what size the project is, we guarantee to complete it on time and on budget. Knowledge and experience, combined with our highly qualified engineers and meticulous attention to detail means we are confident in the fact that we can offer a service like no other.


The ComPlete

In line with changing customer needs, we can offer a complete service from an initial conception to the final deliverable, with an unrivalled level of professionalism.  Other associated equipment such as refrigeration plant can also be managed by Lomax.

Our innovative and cost effective approach means we complete each and every project with the utmost efficiency, with no compromise on the end result. Every one of our system installations is a bespoke design that is built to be in-line with our client’s specific requirements.


Invested in
the future

We have always implemented best environmental practices in the work we do, both on site for projects and in our offices. We constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and will take whatever preventative measures necessary to ensure we minimize the potential impact we might have on our natural surroundings.

We are invested in the future of both our industry and our planet, our environmental responsibility and desire to increase our sustainability are just as important as the growth of our business.





Since 1997 Lomax have employed only the best technical and commercial staff to deliver to our global clients a first class service of system design, manufacture and after sales support.  You can always speak direct to the Design Engineers and Project Manager as well as the Technical Sales Team throughout any project and post installation, ensuring that you always get the best advice and support that you deserve.