Spiral Freezer Chiller in Bakery 1 v2


Lomax installs multiple food freezing, chilling and cooling systems every year and is currently developing a range of new systems to keep abreast of industry trends and needs.  Below is a selection of news articles on some of our installations, developments and other business activities.

Spiral Cooler for Sauce Pouches v1

14 Dec

UK Spiral Cooler for Sauce

Lomax were recently awarded an order from a leading UK sauce producer to design a bespoke spiral cooling system for pouches of sauce of varying sizes and flavours.


Doughnuts 2

4 Dec

UK Bakery Installs Lomax Spiral Freezer for Doughnuts

Lomax has designed, manufactured and commissioned a Twin Drum Spiral Freezing System for a leading UK bakery handling more than 50,000 frozen doughnuts per hour!  The spiral system consisting of…


Freezing Cornish Pastys 1

2 Oct

Lomax Spiral Freezer for pasties, Pies and Sausage Rolls

Lomax has secured the order for another spiral freezing system, this time for freezing savoury pasties, pies and sausage rolls for a UK Cornish Pasty maker.


Compact Spiral Belt and Evaporator 2 v2

19 Aug

Bakery Delighted with Spiral Chiller

When a bakery in Ireland approached Lomax for their very first industrial food chilling system little did they know the choice available, from different types of chiller, varying belt widths,…


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