Far East Triple Twin Drum Spiral Freezer Success

Lomax have successfully installed not one, not two but three Twin Drum Spiral Freezers for hardening Ice Cream in tubs for two major global Ice Cream producers in the Philippines and Malaysia. 

One customer received two Twin Drum Spiral Freezers for hardening 9,000 litres per hour of Ice Cream with each system having more than 52 tier levels accounting for over 2,000m of spiral conveyor belt. 

The other blue-chip customer also installed a Double Drum Spiral Freezing System for 6,000 litres per hour of Ice Cream. 

The Ice Cream hardening process is performed on two synchronised driven drums having a continuous one-piece spiral belt, allowing for a low infeed and low discharge of the tubs of ice cream. 

The spiral systems for both customers are relatively large when compared to other processed food spirals and thus require specially designed and engineered structures and robust components to provide years of trouble-free operation. 

Lomax is renowned for large Twin Drum (or sometimes called Double Drum) spiral systems where heavy loads are encountered. 

Other customers installing Lomax Single Drum Spirals and Compact Spiral Freezers also benefit from the same level of professional engineering, reliability and efficient product handling.