Lomax Deliver Spiral Freezer to Thailand

Lomax has been awarded the contract to supply & oversee the installation of a twin drum spiral freezer for a global ice cream manufacturer in Thailand.

Once the bespoke design was completed the components were manufactured and then shipped to Thailand.

Due to the Lockdown and travel restrictions brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, Lomax were unable to travel to Thailand to supervise the installation.

The customer was keen to avoid delays in the project and so it was agreed that they would appoint a local Engineering Contractor and Lomax would supervise them remotely.

A dedicated Lomax team was assembled to provide the required support, this gave direct lines of communication between the Customer, Engineering Contractor and the Lomax team enabling daily video meetings & updates to ensure the quality of the installation wasn’t compromised.

After completing the installation, a restriction on commercial flights entering Thailand remained in place with only a limited number of charter flights available in August for specialist cases approved by the Thai Embassy.

With the support of the customer and the necessary documentation, Lomax was able to send an Engineer to complete commissioning the project and handover to the customer for production.