Max-Line Multi-Belt Freezing and Chilling Tunnel Re-model

Lomax has re-modelled their Multi-Belt In-Line Tunnel System and re-branded it as the MAX-Line Multi-Belt Tunnel to provide maximum capacity, maximum flexibility and maximum value to users. 

The compact tunnel provides an entry-level to those looking to step up from static blast freezing and chilling and as an additional capacity boost to those already continuous freezing. 

The unit arrives in one piece ready to connect to services, so reducing any down-time in production and allowing ROI to get underway within days of delivery. 

The MAX-Line Multi-Belt Tunnel comes in single, dual and triple belt systems as standard and in a range of belt widths and lengths to suit a wide range of capacities and different types of product. 

Bespoke systems to order can also be offered with more than three belt levels or with several tunnels linked together to further extend capacity. 

Typical volumes for IQF quick freezing would be in the range of 200-1000 kg/hr and in excess of 3000 kg/hr for quick food chilling. 

Lomax offers a range of Spiral and Tunnel Systems for freezing, chilling and cooling all types of food and will select the most efficient and cost-effective for your application. 

For further information or a budget quote to suit your exact requirements, please contact the Lomax Sales Team or visit our products and complete the Request-a-Quote form.