Spiral Hydro Cooler Exceeding Expectations

An ultra-efficient Spiral Hydro Cooling System has been installed and commissioned by Lomax for a leading European sauce producer. 

The modular spiral system complete with a self-contained recirculating water chilling package was immediately put into action cooling hot-filled sauce packs from +85 degC to less than +30 degC to enable continuous packing and delivery to the end-users. 

The system has already exceeded performance expectations due to the unique Lomax cascading water design. 

The system includes an integral drying unit to help remove excess moisture from the packs post-cooling to allow robotic pick and place into shipment cartons. 

The bespoke recirculating chilled water package provides a compact and very efficient low energy closed-loop cooling operation, utilising a series of strategically located water sprays around the spiral to ensure pack cooling is optimised with the least amount of water usage, thus further reducing energy consumption.

Contact the Lomax sales team or complete our online “Quote Request” if you have a cooling project where a Spiral Hydro Cooler could apply.  Email Gen@LomaxTech.com

Lomax is an independent UK business designing and manufacturing bespoke industrial cooling, chilling and freezing systems for the UK and global food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and confectionery industry.  Lomax designs In-Line Tunnel and Spiral Systems to cool, chill and freeze various products including meat, seafood, bakery, fruit & vegetables, ready meals, soup, ice cream and much more.