Spiral Freezing, Chilling & Ambient Cooling Systems

FINAL RENDERThe Spiral Conveying System has been the standard solution for high capacity freezing, chilling or ambient cooling of food products for over Four decades, and through that period Lomax has evolved to supply engineered spiral solutions to the world’s food industry. Our spiral systems are renowned for their robust solid design and can be offered as either single or twin drum systems in many configurations to suit the factory production scheme.

Key benefits of the Lomax Spiral Freezer and Chilling systems:

  • Small Footprint Solutions custom designed to suit your production layout.
  • Customised Configurations to suit many factory layouts.
  • Package Units available for small production requirements.
  • Stainless Steel tread plate floor fully welded to form sealed waterproof floor pan.
  • PIR Insulated Panels, Outdoor Construction available with sloping roof.
  • Full CIP Systems available.
  • Cost effective galvanized or increased hygiene stainless steel options.
  • Low maintenance and running costs.
  • Centre Drum Drive or Chain Driven Systems.
  • Stainless Steel or Acetal (Plastic) belted options.
  • Controlled horizontal airflow.
  • Inverter Controlled Axial Flow Fans for more efficient energy use.
  • Extended Running Option Evaporators.
  • Evaporators utilising stainless steel tubes and aluminium fins for greater efficiency.
  • Minimised weight loss.
  • Ease of access, complete belt path is fully accessable, mezzanine floors to access high levels.
  • Belt selection not comprised by airflow.
  • Energy Efficient Motors.
  • Flexible Control Panel design, touchscreen design or mimic configuration.
  • LED internal lighting.


The Lomax Spiral Freezer system design using horizontal airflow, allows immediate access to the product on the belt, and constant low temperatures throughout the total spiral product path. Horizontal airflow also allows Lomax to choose a belt which best suits your product support requirements.

Extended Running Options are available with Larger Coil Surface Area, Larger and Variable Fin Pitching, Larger Coil Face area. Sequential Defrost available on request. Also available the Lomax Fan Snow removal system.

Lomax systems can be used with Seafood, Meats, Poultry, Vegetables, Fruit, Pastries, Bread, Desserts and Ice cream.