IQF Fluidised-Bed Quick Freezing Tunnels

IQF fluid-bed freezing systems for fruit, vegetables, diced meats and seafood that require delicate quick freezing

Lomax will select, design, manufacture and install an IQF Freezing Tunnel to handle your specific product with care throughout the quick freezing cycle in small or large volumes.

Our Engineers have many years of experience in the design of In-Line IQF Freezing Tunnels, handling some of the most difficult products such as soft fruits, cooked rice and delicate seafoods.

Standard and bespoke systems can be offered to fit your site conditions, product handling requirements and budget.

The Lomax IQF System can be applied to multiple products including IQF fruit, vegetables, seafood, diced meat and french fries.

A unique fluid bed design and controlled multi-zone airflow ensures total product separation whilst being carefully IQF frozen.

Benefits of choosing a Lomax IQF Fluid Bed Freezing Tunnel include;

  • Dual zone freezing process gives total flexibility for a variety of IQF quick frozen products

  • Fully controlled multi-zone airflow suitable for the most delicate foods

  • Infinite control of product conveyor speed to IQF a range of product sizes

  • Robust stainless steel construction for many years of reliable production

  • Hygienic design allows fast turn-around times after defrost for a food safe system

  • Compact design to minimise factory floor space

  • Energy efficient system hardware and controls to reduce power consumption

  • Standard range and bespoke to exact customer requirements available

  • IQF Freezing Tunnels from 250 kg/hr to in excess of 15,000 kg/hr