Serpentine Wax Slab Moulder System

Lomax in Partnership with Chemtec (UK) Ltd, supply Automatic Inline Wax Moulding Systems exclusively for the moulding of food grade paraffin wax. The unique Serpentine Wax Moulder System is a fully automated process which deposits, cools, moulds, de-moulds and packs 5kg slabs of wax.

  • Paraffin wax slab mass accuracy ± 0.5%
  • Typical capacities of 1.5 to 7 tonnes per hour, other sizes available
  • Solid Works designed for total plant integration with Pre-Cooler, Depositor and Automated Packing Line Facility.
  • Depositing using mass flow meters
  • Minimal product change over time and product downtime.



The wax moulding machine comprises of the front end section, containing the mass flow depositor mechanism, main drive, pan heaters, de-moulding mechanism, discharge conveyor and the cooling section, containing the main drive posts, cooling conveyor and Automatic take-up assemblies.

Six mass flow meters are built into the pipework and are designed to deposit the liquid wax into the pans as they pass under the control valves.

After depositing the liquid wax the stainless steel pans are held within a carrier  and are transported by a continuous chain driven conveyor system through to the insulated cooling section, where the temperature of the wax is lowered by using refrigerated air so as to give solid slabs before leaving the temperature controlled zone. The unique ‘Serpentine’ path keeps the carriers in the horizontal plane throughout the temperature controlled zone therefore preventing any liquid wax spillage.

After cooling, the wax slabs are gently released from the pans by sprung rubber rollers that flex the pan whilst it is inverted over a fabric de-mould belt. Sensors in the conveyor system alert the operator should a block fail to de-mould from the pan. The Wax Blocks then feed to the packing plant and the pans are passed over heated elements and returned to be filled again and re-start the cycle.


The Wax Moulder packing system comprises of case handling machinery integrated into a fully Automatic Operation to pack cases normally of 5 Wax Slabs by 5kg into an outer shipping case. The stacking system is designed so it can also pack stacks of differing numbers of Wax Slabs.

As well as packing Slabs into cases we can also offer a robotic system to be able to pack individual slabs into a pallet cardboard box.

Wax Blocks can be wrapped in plastic sleeves if required.

The packed cases can be automatically palletised and shrink wrapped.


We can include a refrigeration system to supply the Cooling requirements of the Wax Moulder tunnel. The refrigeration system is designed to offer flexibility in operation to ensure that any different tunnel cooling requirements can be optimised. The refrigeration system is fully automatic and is controlled by temperature sensors within the Wax Moulder Tunnel.


We offer totally integrated control systems throughout the Wax Moulder System. Control Panels are located in the different sections of the plant. Each panel incorporates an HMI touch screen so that operators can run the system locally and at the same time the various panels are linked via a communications system so that plant management can monitor remotely the operation of the plant. Remote off-site monitoring can also be included.