Lomax Spiral Freezer

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Innovative Spiral Systems, IQF Fluidised Bed Tunnels and Inline Multi-Belt Tunnels for Freezing, Chilling and Cooling

a wide range of products for the global food, dairy, beverage, confectionery and pharmaceutical sectors

Lomax twin drum spiral freezer chiller 1



For the rapid freezing, cooling and conveying of a wide range of products at capacities between 200 kg/hr and 10,000 kg/hr including meat, poultry, dairy, seafood, ready meals, potato products, vegetables and bakery whether packed or unpacked in a compact footprint.

Lomax spiral hydro cooler water chilling sauce 2

Hydro Spiral
Cooling System

If you want to quickly cool a hot packed or unpacked product with a recirculating flow of chilled water then the Lomax Hydro Spiral Cooler is the perfect solution. Can be supplied in compact spiral or tunnel form as well as larger site built options.

Lomax multi belt inline tunnel 1 v2

Multi-belt Inline Tunnels

The MAX-Line Tunnel is ideal for those starting out or wanting to move from static-blast freezing and chilling to a continuous belt system that adds value to your operation and can boost existing production. As a Multi-Belt Tunnel formats can include 1, 2 or 3 belts and belt widths from 1m to 2m wide, perfect for applications such as bakery and confectionery cooling, glaze hardening and crust freezing prior to slicing meat. High speed impingement options are also available.

Lomax IQF freezing tunnel for fruit and vegetables 1

IQF Fluidised
Bed Tunnels

Where small and difficult to freeze products need to be individually quick frozen at capacities between 400 kg/hr to 20,000 kg/hr, the MAX-Stream IQF Tunnel is a perfect solution, offering a range of compact and larger site built tunnels for products such as sliced and diced fruit and vegetables, seafood and diced, sliced, cubed and minced meat.

Lomax Conveyor Handling System 1 v2

Conveyor Handling

Lomax designs a wide range of hygienic and robust conveying systems, to transfer, elevate, de-elevate, even feed, diverge or converge products safely and effectively. Conveyors can be offered to complement other Lomax systems or as stand-alone equipment. Belts can be wire mesh, plastic modular or solid bands providing a solution for any industry and preference.

Lomax wax slab moulder moulding system 1


Wax Slab
Moulder System

For the large scale moulding of food grade parraffin wax in an automatic and robust tunnel system that is built with reliability in mind. The system deposits, moulds, cools and depans the wax slabs ready for packing. Fully automated system including case handling ensures ease of operation and packing.

Lomax spiral smart control system v2

Options and

To add value, increase efficiency or simply to improve the hygiene of your system, whether a Lomax or other OEM supply, we have a range of options to deliver system benefits, including the evaporator snow-clear-system, sequential defrosting, CIP systems for improved hygiene, stainless steel enclosures, plastic and stainless conveyor belts, direct drive and edge drive spirals and smart control systems tailored to suit your operation.

Lomax Spiral Freezer

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Each Lomax system is bespoke designed with only your process, and challenges in mind.. We will never give you an off-the-shelf solution. 

Every Lomax system is designed from start to finish by our team of expert engineers. They are guaranteed to perfectly meet your requirements.