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spiral freezing, chilling & cooling solutions

Choose a Lomax Spiral for the rapid freezing, chilling, cooling and conveying of a wide range of products at capacities between 200 kg/hr and 10,000 kg/hr including meat, poultry, dairy, seafood, ready meals, potato products, vegetables, bakery, confectionery and pharmaceutical whether packed or unpacked in a relatively small footprint.


Spiral Systems

lomax compact single drum 180 cw rotation without annotation


Small in size but with maximum impact, the Lomax Compact Spiral delivers a one-piece unit ready to connect and operate with minimal install and commission time. For quick freezing, chilling and cooling volumes in the region of 200 kg/hr to 2,000 kg/hr of products with short to medium retention times.

lomax single drum site built spiral

Single Drum
Site Built Spiral

When medium to large capacities need to be handled in a spiral system with a relatively small footprint, then the Lomax site built single drum spiral is ideal. A bespoke design ensures a perfect fit into any factory layout, whether there are footprint or height limits, Lomax will design accordingly. Typically for capacities in the region of 1,000 kg/hr to 6,000 kg/hr for the freezing and cooling of a wide variety of packed and unpacked products.

lomax twin drum site built spiral

Twin Drum
Site Built Spiral

The twin drum spiral provides ultra-flexibility on large volumes, typically between 3,000 kg/hr and 10,000 kg/hr of packed and unpacked product, ideal for medium to long retention times, low in and out or high in and out belt directions and multiple entry and exit positions. The twin drum (also called double drum) spiral orientation will also allow various footprint formats such as long rectangular where factory width is tight or a square design, both styles allowing maximum roof height to be utilised if needed.

lomax direct drum drive spiral

Direct Drum
Drive Spiral

Where product placement on the belt becomes critical and operating conditions are likely to cause a regular lo-tension spiral to require excessive cleaning to maintain low tensions, then the drum driven spiral should be considered. With positive drum to belt engagement the system maintains a lower tension condition that would be well suited to situations where product debris increases belt-to-track friction, such as high flour, high grease or sugary applications.

lomax direct edge drive spiral

Direct Edge
Drive Spiral

For maximum flexibility in direct belt drive designs, the external edge drive solution provides a low tension spiral that eliminates the need for a central drum and provides the ability to run up and down belt directions in the same spiral stack, whether circular format or oval track format. With the removal of the central drive drum that conventional lo-tension spirals have, space can be made for an evaporator or other equipment that reduces the overall footprint of the spiral.

lomax spiral freezer outside

Industry Leading Design

Built to 

The combination of precise engineering, top quality materials and robust design mean that every Lomax system is built for hard work, perfect performance and longevity.

Every Lomax system is designed from start to finish by our team of expert engineers. They are guaranteed to perfectly meet your requirements.