leading design 
for over 20 years

The combination of precise engineering, top quality materials and robust design mean that every Lomax system is built for hard work, perfect performance and longevity.

Every Lomax system is designed from start to finish by our team of expert engineers. They are guaranteed to perfectly meet your requirements and ensure optimal value is always delivered.

Machine Design

Using the best
for the best

Lomax uses the latest in 3D CAD design to ensure systems comply and conform to not only industry standards but Lomax internal standards.  Lomax prides itself on 'right first time' principles and 3D CAD software helps to ensure parts are made, bought and assembled in the most efficient way possible.

In addition to a UK Design Office and Manufacturing Base, Lomax works with highly skilled experienced partners who specialise in their own field, such as refrigeration, food process equipment and CIP systems to ensure customers receive the best combination at best value.



Lomax places immense importance on the control system being at the heart of any system, utilising the latest technology, whether hardware or software, or just an innovative approach, to ensure that the system is ‘smart’ and can collect, interpret and deliver meaningful feedback to enable customers to benefit, whether from a more hygienic system, more reliable system or saving on costs through smarter use of energy.

Lomax offers remote access and control support to ensure that customers whether local or global can be supported through initial system implementation or ongoing service and maintenance matters.

Cooling Systems


Using the right cooling system to the latest refrigeration industry regulations is important not only to ensure the most effective and energy-efficient system is employed but to ensure environmental suitability.

Lomax works with expert partners in the field of refrigeration and selects freezing and chilling tunnels in combination with the right refrigeration and cooling system.

Lomax is independent and so pleased to say that we can work with every plant supplier UK wide and worldwide, ensuring the customer always gets the best combination.

Components & Materials

Only Accept
thE Best

Lomax only uses branded key components and materials to ensure confidence in operation and suitability for the harsh environments our systems often operate within.

European and US suppliers are used for items such as evaporators, conveyor belts, enclosure panels, fans, control systems, drive units and electrical components.

Using proven quality items from suppliers that can provide the spares and back-up expected for our customers is of paramount importance in keeping our systems operating at optimum levels.

If a customer has a preferred vendor for specific items such as controls, drive motors and refrigeration compressors, then Lomax will build this into the Tender and ensure commonality of parts is achieved.