Case Studies & Applications

Twin Drum Spiral Systems – Ice Cream Freezing / Hardening:

Spiral Systems are extremely versatile and come in a multitude of sizes and formats with belt widths and tier levels variable to suit exact customer product requirements.

Lomax are specialists in the bespoke design and manufacture of small to large Spiral Systems, including Spiral Freezers, Spiral Chillers, Spiral Coolers, Spiral Proofers and Spiral Conveyors.  As an independent company Lomax can work alongside all refrigeration system suppliers and can therefore recommend the most suitable package at the most economical cost.

Spiral Systems can hold over 1,000m of conveyor belt in a large system, typically called a Twin Drum or sometimes a Double Drum Spiral.  Twin Drum Systems tend to be used for the handling of larger volumes or for products with longer dwell times and thus require more conveyor belt inside the system.  The added benefit of a twin Drum Spiral is that the Infeed and Exit levels are the same, eliminating the need to de-elevate product as you might have to with a Single Drum Spiral.

Lomax are specialists in the design and manufacture of very large Twin Drum Spirals, particularly for Ice Cream Freezing or Hardening.  Lomax have installed Ice Cream Freezers across all continents for some of the largest names in Ice Cream production as well as many smaller private brands where attention to detail and the delivery of a robust reliable system is the same.  Whether it be Ice Cream Hardening in tubs, cones, pots or cups, Lomax can provide a Spiral System to match your requirements.

IQF Fluidised Bed Freezing Tunnels:

IQF (Individual Quick Freezing or Individually Quick Frozen) food products are typically frozen within a fluid-bed tunnel if the particles are of such a size that they can be lifted in a stream of fast moving and rising air.  Systems tend to be arranged in a linear format with infeed of bulk product at one end and the discharge of individually frozen product at the opposite end of the tunnel.  Tunnels tend therefore to be modular in design and construction and often change only in belt/conveyor system width and length.  The greater the volume flow of product then typically the longer the tunnel, in addition to the conveying system increasing in width.

Food products synonymous with IQF Fluid Bed Freezing Tunnels are green peas, french fries, small fruits (whole), large fruits (diced and sliced), meat strips, meat cubes, minced meat, small vegetables, particulate seafoods and many others.

The principle of operation for most IQF Fluidised Bed Freezing Tunnels tend to be the upward movement of fast moving airflow through a conveyor system, either a moving belt or vibrating tray, or sometimes both.  The airflow ‘fluidises’ the product through which it passes, assisting separation while the product freezes, before passing back around the system via the air-cooler (evaporator) where the heat energy picked up whilst passing the ‘warmer’ product is then transferred through cooling fins to the refrigerant fluid circulating inside the air-cooler.

Lomax design and manufacture a range of small compact tunnels for capacities in teh region of 300 kg/hr to large site built modular tunnels capable of freezing 15-20,000 kg/hr.