Compact Spiral Freezer and Spiral Chiller NPD Programme

Spiral Freezers and Spiral Chillers can often appear the same even across different suppliers, but as they say “the devil is in the detail” and Lomax have undertaken the equivalent of an NPD programme to ensure that all aspects of its Compact Spiral Range of Quick Freezing and Chilling Spiral Systems deliver what customers in the food process sector demand nowadays. 

Lomax Spiral Freezers and Chillers have always been robustly engineered and now this combines with the latest in fabrication techniques, stainless steel and low temp plastic materials, control systems, belt drive types, air cooler and airflow arrangements and CIP hygiene options

Lomax has combined these elements and engineered them into a compact design that can be fully assembled and packaged on a frame that can be transported in one-piece. 

The result is a very robust, reliable and flexible spiral system that provides great value for money for food processors wishing to quick freeze and chill a wide range of food types from meat, seafood, bakery, ice cream, ready meals, desserts, poultry and many more. 

For more information on our Compact Spiral Range or indeed alternative freezing and chilling systems then please contact our Sales Team or visit our Compact Spiral Product Page and complete the Request-a-Quote form.