UK Spiral Cooler for Sauce

Lomax were recently awarded an order from a leading UK sauce producer to design a bespoke spiral cooling system for pouches of sauce of varying sizes and flavours.

The customer challenged Lomax with replacing an old In-line cooling tunnel with a more efficient system but also to free up floor space, so Lomax designed a narrow belt twin drum spiral system that is raised on a mezzanine structure thus fully utilising the factory roof space and allowing 100% of the original floor space to be reclaimed for other process line equipment expansion. 

This unique spiral cooler solution is typical of the type of project that Lomax undertakes both in the UK and worldwide, managing the whole process from conceptual design, through proof of concept, manufacturing and installation.  The photo image above is representative of the type of twin drum spiral Lomax installs.

Lomax is an established and independent UK Engineering Company designing and manufacturing bespoke industrial cooling, chilling and freezing systems for the UK and global food, beverage and dairy processing industry. 

Lomax designs In-Line Tunnel and Spiral Systems to cool, chill and freeze various products including meat, seafood, bakery, fruit & vegetables, ready meals, soup, ice cream and much more.

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