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Another Successful Spiral Hydro Cooler Installation for Lomax

The Brief

Following the installation and excellent performance of an existing system supplied in 2019 Lomax were the obvious first choice to provide a solution to cool up to 5000kg/hr of sauce at the customers new build state of the art UK digital factory.


The Solution

A Lomax Hydro Cooler offering a compact footprint and ultra energy efficient performance when compared to traditional inline water cooling tunnels.


The Lomax Hydro Cooler combined with a chilled water recirculating skid package offers a compact and efficient solution utilising low energy closed-loop cooling to supply a series of water spray bars & nozzles strategically located around the spiral conveyor to ensure optimised product cooling while using as little water & energy as possible.

This is achieved using variable flow rates, holding times, set points and other recipe driven features tailored to each individual product type and controlled by the customers SCADA system.


As part of the customers Industry 4.0 manufacturing strategy, the specification required all OEM's to fully integrate equipment into site wide 'Manufacturing Execution System' (‘MES’)utilising Allen Bradley hardware along with Pack ML and Plant Pax protocols to ensure seamless communication between all equipment and the ‘MES’ SCADA system.


The Lomax Hydro cooling solution also includes the following features:

              • Product drying at the cooler exit to remove excess moisture before packing.

              • Automated Clean in Place (‘CIP’) system.

              • Water treatment system to maintain water quality and reduce wastewater.


The Outcome

A compact, reliable and energy efficient solution fully integrated into an Industry 4.0 manufacturing environment.

Following this successful installation, the customer has since ordered another Lomax Hydro Cooler to replace an existing inline cooling tunnel at manufacturing facility in Australia.

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