Hydro Coolers | Sauces and Liquids

Efficiency Expectations Exceeded

The Brief 

Lomax was asked to design, build and install an ultra-efficient cooling system for a leading European sauce manufacturer. 


The Solution 

Lomax designed a Spiral Hydro Cooling System for the company which used a cascading water design that is unique to Lomax. 

The modular spiral system complete with a self-contained recirculating water chilling package was capable of cooling hot-filled sauce packs from +85 degC to less than +30 degC. This enabled continuous packing and delivery to the end-users. 

The system also included an integral drying unit to remove excess moisture from the packs post-cooling, this then allowed robotic pick and place into shipment cartons. 


The Outcome 

The Spiral Hydro Cooling System exceeded the client's expectations.

The bespoke recirculating chilled water package provided a compact and very efficient low energy closed-loop cooling operation, utilising a series of strategically located water sprays around the spiral to ensure pack cooling was optimised with the least amount of water usage, thus further reducing energy consumption.