lomax spiral freezer
lomax spiral cooler for sauce cooler factory case study
Sauce Producer

Factory Space Saved

Lomax was challenged with replacing an old In-line cooling tunnel with a more efficient system that would free up floor space for the customer.

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lomax doughnuts product time increased case study

Production time increased

Lomax was asked to design, manufacture and commission an ultra-hygienic, quick to clean, freezing system for a leading UK bakery. 

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lomax cornish pasties freezing small footprint case study

Freezing on a Small Footprint

Lomax was asked to design and build an ultra-efficient freezing system for a UK Cornish Pasty maker that would fit within the limited space available.

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lomax compact spiral belt and evaporator case study

Bespoke design for First Chilling Solution

An Irish bakery approached Lomax to design and build their first industrial food chilling system. After researching the different systems available it was decided that a bespoke solution provided by Lomax would provide the best results.

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lomax Spiral Freezer


Since 1997 Lomax has designed, manufactured and supplied innovative products and services to the global food processing industry whilst retaining its independence. Custom designed Spiral Freezers, Spiral Chillers, Hydro Coolers, IQF Fluidised Tunnel Freezers, Conveying Systems and Wax Slab Moulders are all designed and manufactured by Lomax in the UK.