Spiral Freezers, Chillers & Cooling Systems | Ice Cream And Dairy

Go Big or Go Home

The Brief

A leading ice cream producer in the USA approached Lomax seeking a solution to freeze 17,000 litres an hour.


The Solution

Two Lomax Spiral Freezer Hardening Tunnels.

With limited available space, restrictive access and installation in a live factory we faced a number of challenges from design through to build.

Working closely with the customer to interpret their exact requirements Lomax were able to offer a bespoke solution to meet their freezing needs while adhering to the space constraints within the area.

With very little storage space available numerous containers of components were unloaded and stored at another facility, then trickle fed to site ahead of each installation task.

This required meticulous planning throughout the build coordinating with the customer, their supporting contractors and logistics providers to ensure the project flowed as scheduled while causing minimum disruption to the factory operation.


The Outcome

Reliable and energy efficient systems now producing around 2 million litres of ice cream per week.