Bakery Delighted with Spiral Chiller

When a bakery in Ireland approached Lomax for their very first industrial food chilling system little did they know the choice available, from different types of chiller, varying belt widths, air-flow style, tall systems, short systems, material specification, the list goes on. 

Once the customer decided that a bespoke Lomax packaged spiral chiller offered an all-round better value proposition than others, the project moved into the design and production stage. 

The pre-order survey carried out by the Lomax Sales and Design Team ensured the one-piece system would not only fit perfectly into the factory space allocated but that the off-load and move into the factory would be performed with ease.  In fact from delivery to service connection completion took only two days.  The customer was then ready to test with the product and could start to benefit from their investment.

The customer management team were supported throughout the spiral chiller project, which also included bespoke infeed and exit conveying systems, by the dedicated in-house Lomax Engineers, ensuring that their local refrigeration contractor and civil engineering team had all the information and guidance available to ensure a smooth installation and commission.

The professionalism and support from Lomax throughout the project has been excellent and the spiral chilling system is fully operational and performing very well” says the General Manager. 

The Lomax spiral chiller includes a very compact conveying system that provides maximum product carrying capacity for the baked product within the smallest footprint.  Lomax believes this spiral to be one of the ‘highest belt areas vs footprint’ spirals available on the market, due to the unique design and positioning of key components within the enclosure.

For more information on Lomax systems for industrial food chilling, freezing or just cooling and spiral conveying then take a look at our range of spiral chillers, spiral freezers, spiral coolers, and our Engineering Services to develop a unique solution for you.