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Ultra-Efficient Compact Spiral Freezer

The Brief

Lomax was asked to design, build and install an Ultra-Efficient freezer that would boost production for a famous Cornish Pasty maker.


The Solution

Lomax designed a bespoke Compact Spiral Freezer that was capable of handling over 1000 kg/hr of pasties, pies and sausage rolls.  

The Lomax One-Piece Spiral Freezer arrived ready to connect to services. This meant that time savings could be made and it allowed the customer to move into production within days of delivery. 

Lomax designed a Compact Spiral because of the technical advantages it allowed, including an ultra-efficient airflow system, its compact size, short delivery time and best value price.


The Outcome

The Ultra-Efficient Compact Spiral Freezer was installed quickly. It’s design allowed the client to boost production.