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Spiral Freezer Relocation

The Brief 

A leading UK Bakery asked Lomax to relocate a Spiral Freezer.


The Solution

The project involved disassembly, transportation and rebuilding a twin drum spiral freezer at a new location.

All projects have their challenges even under normal circumstances, but this one presented challenges not seen before as the entire project was carried while the UK was in lockdown due to covid-19. 

Despite Lomax being granted essential worker status to continue to provide services to the food sector we faced a number of new challenges :  

  • Suppliers closing and delays for materials.
  • In line with government guidelines, Lomax operated a 'Fixed Teams' scheme whereby the same team was maintained throughout the project with the 'Fixed Team' being spit into 'Fixed Pairs' wherever possible.
  • Additional vehicles were provided so that all staff travelled in individually.
  • With most of the hotels in the UK closing at the start of lockdown accommodation was looking to be the biggest challenge of all but just days before the project start date a local hotel opened its doors to essential workers. 


The Outcome

Despite the above challenges the project was delivered on schedule and within budget and is now producing 14,000 pies/tarts per hour.