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Lomax installs multiple food freezing, chilling and cooling systems every year and is currently developing a range of new systems to keep abreast of industry trends and needs.  Below is a selection of news articles on some of our installations, developments and other business activities.

lomax news lomax in australia installing coils

26 Jun

Lomax in Australia

Lomax is presently installing a Twin Drum Spiral Chiller for a Major Soup Manufacturer in Sydney Australia.


lomax news another australia project

19 Jun

Australia another Lomax System

Lomax is presently delivering another Conveyor System to Australia, this follows on from the successful Lomax Twin Drum Spiral System installed last year into a Soup manufacturing company in Sydney.


lomax news football team sponsorship

10 Apr

Lomax Continued Support

Lomax have continued their support for their local Football team East Harling FC with a new strip for the 2015/16 season, we wish them every success for the new season.


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