Spiral Freezers, Chillers & Cooling Systems | Bakery

Bespoke design for First Chilling Solution

The Brief

An Irish bakery approached Lomax to design and build their first industrial food chilling system. After researching the different systems available it was decided that a bespoke solution provided by Lomax would provide the best results.


The Solution 

Lomax carried out a pre-order survey so that the system would not only fit perfectly into the space allocated but that the off-load and move into the factory would be performed with ease. 

From this Lomax designed a Spiral Chiller that included a very compact conveying system. This allowed the chiller to provide maximum product carrying capacity for the smallest system footprint possible. 

Lomax believes this spiral to be one of the ‘highest belt areas vs footprint’ spirals available on the market, due to the unique design and positioning of key components within the enclosure.

Bespoke infeed and exit conveying systems were designed by the dedicated in-house Lomax Engineers. This ensured that the customers' local refrigeration contractor and civil engineering team had all the information and guidance available to ensure a smooth installation and commission.


The Outcome 

Once built the Spiral Chiller was delivered and connected within two days.  The chilling solution fitted well within the allocated space and the short installation time meant that production downtime was limited. 

The client was please with the final product. 

“The professionalism and support from Lomax throughout the project has been excellent and the spiral chilling system is fully operational and performing very well” 

General Manager