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Freezing on a Small Footprint

The Brief 

Lomax was asked to design and build an ultra-hygienic and efficient freezing system for a UK Cornish Pasty maker, that would fit within the limited space available. 


The Solution 

Lomax designed a stainless steel spiral freezing system featuring a spiral conveyor design that would allow for the processing of a large capacity of frozen cornish pasties, pies and sausage rolls within a small footprint.

The ultra-hygienic design consisted of a compact module that was made from thermally efficient insulation materials, a stainless steel tube air-cooler, energy-efficient fans, cleaning system and digital operator interface that ensured ease of use and system data management.

As Lomax are independent it was possible to form a partnership with the customer’s preferred local plant supplier who specialised in the latest energy-efficient DX refrigeration. This was connected to the Lomax spiral freezer, thus ensuring a simple and low cost refrigeration solution.


The Outcome

Lomax was able to deliver a bespoke spiral system that was capable of handling the customer’s wide product range. The Spiral Freezing System fitted in the smallest possible space and was installed quickly, which allowed the customer to benefit from their investment in a short space of time.