Spiral Freezers, Chillers & Cooling Systems | Ice Cream And Dairy

Large Twin Drum Spirals

The Brief 

Lomax was asked to design, build and install two freezing systems that would each be able to harden 9,000 litres of Ice Cream per hour for a customer in the Philippines. 


The Solution 

Lomax designed two Twin Drum Spiral Freezers. Each system was designed with more than 52 tier levels accounting for over 2,000m of spiral conveyor belt.

The Ice Cream hardening process is performed on two synchronised driven drums having a continuous one-piece spiral belt, as this allows for a low infeed and low discharge of the tubs of ice cream. 

To order to meet capacity the spiral systems produced needed to be able to process large quantities. In comparison to other processed food spirals, these freezers were large and thus required specially designed and engineered structures and robust components


The Outcome 

The systems were installed in the Philippines and were able to provide the capacity and quality required.